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Baltimore Blues

Baltimore Blues - Laura Lippman

Wow. What a crazy ride! I loved reading about Tess, her family, her uncle (who may not be a uncle) and having this whole thing set in Baltimore. Lippman manages to make Baltimore come alive and you get to see the many sides to Charm City. I really enjoyed Tess too since we don't just get her off and running in her new freelance career as a PI. Lippman introduces some great characters, Tess's aunt Kitty, her ex Johnathan, her rowing buddy Rock, and her best friend Whitney.


"Baltimore Blues" has Tess Monaghan still dealing with being unemployed after being let go from the Star. She still dreams about going back to a newspaper and becoming a reporter again, but for now works in her aunt's bookstore and for her uncle at a state agency. When her friend Rock asks her to follow his fiancee and get some answers on why she is acting so weird, she does so, cause being broke is not that much fun. Following her around, Tess realizes there is more than meets the eye with her. When his fiancee tells Rock that a lawyer she is working with has forced her to sleep with him, he goes and confronts the man. When the lawyer is found dead, fingers point to Rock, and Tess is hired to work alongside his lawyer.


Tess is such a mess and I love her. She has a weird family and lives above her aunt's bookstore. She has an on and off relationship with an ex, but also finds herself thinking of someone who works with her aunt named Crow (I am also reading books with characters having terrible names). Tess is in a rut and her investigating to help out her friend seems like the best thing she can do. She seems to be drifting through her life.

Tess's aunt is pretty hilarious, but sketched thinly. I did love Tess and her relationship with her friend Whitney and how they pushed/pulled each other though.


We don't get to really see the different Baltimore's here though. Lippman addresses that in her third book (Butcher's Hill) and I was happy to see it. I maybe laughed at Tess talking crap about how bad D.C. was compared to Baltimore (it's funny cause it's true).