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Halloween Bingo 2018 BookLikes Players

Just wanted to put together a list in one place of everyone that is planning on participating in Halloween Bingo 2018 this year.


Please follow Moonlight and I so that way you can see the bingo calls.


Also follow each other! It's great when we all somehow end up reading the same book or reading it at different times. I fell in love with a lot of books last year so am definitely looking forward to this year! We have some old players and some newbies this year, so please share the love. 


1. Moonlight Madness

2. Obsidian Blue

3. Lora's Rants and Reviews

4. Kaethe

5. Familiar Diversions

6. BrokenTune

7. Themis-Athena's Garden of Books

8. A Man With An Agenda

9. Portable Magic

10. Bark's Book Reviews

11. Char's Horror Corner

12. Lilelara

13. Book Stripping Blog

14. Hol

15. Linda Hilton

16. Books, hockey, and a bucketful of snark

17. Grimlock Ultra Magnus

18. Jennifer's Books

19. WhiskeyintheJar Romance

20. Emerjas

21. Let's Talk About Books

22. Darth Pony

23. Kell's Reading Realm

24. Reading is my ESCAPE from Reality!

25. XOX

26. Murder by Death

27. Ani's Book Abysss

28. The better to see you, my dear

29. Wyvernfriend Reads

30. Witches' Tea Shop

31. Wanda's Book Reviews

32. 100 Pages A Day...Stephanie's Book Reviews

33. JL's Bibliomania

34. The Open Book

35. Person of Interest

36. Tannat

37. Chris' Fish Place

38. Casual Debris

39. Spooky's Maze of Books

40. Rachel's books

41. Yodamom Finds her Force

42. SusannaG - Confessions of a Crazy Cat Lady

43. isanythingopen

44. Bookish Blerd

45. Leah's Bookish Obsession

46. Mike Finn - Audio Book Junkie

47. Nighttime Reading Center

48. Jessica (HDB)

49. veronicadouglas


I went by who I saw request a card of Moonlight on this thread: Discussion: Halloween Bingo 2018: Request Your Card Here!


If I missed you, please comment below so I can add you to the list. 


Update: Changed a player to Spooky's Maze of Books


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