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Strangers on a Train - Patricia Highsmith

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I don't know what else to say. I don't like it when characters keep doing stupid things. This whole book is Guy and Charles/Bruno doing really stupid things. And then we get to the end and it was such a cop out of where Highsmith was going. She should have ended it differently I think to just show us an ugliness that the men in this book were showing towards the women characters.

Look at Anne. Seen as a goddess by Guy and Bruno both in a way. But after a while you can feel Guy start to resent her a bit until news she tells him has him reacting differently.


Bruno loves his mother until he hates that she doesn't seem to be rejoicing over the death of his father. 

Other characters that are female are called names or looked down upon. Hell Guy's estranged wife Miriam is portrayed as asking to be murdered cause she cheated. Apparently the man she cheated with though was just forced against his will to have sex with her. 

Also there is a total 180 shift in Guy's attitude towards Bruno that didn't feel real or earned at all.


Bruno should have just told Guy he loved him and be done with it. He's obsessed with him to the point that he is just acting like a spurned lover because he needs to be the most important person in Guy's life.