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Squares Called:

09/01/18-"Classic Horror"


09/05/18-"Cozy Mystery"

09/07/18-"New Release"

09/09/18- "Southern Gothic"

09/11/18- "Terrifying Women" 

09/13/18- "A Grimm Tale"

09/15/18- "Modern Masters of Horror" 

09/17/18- "Creepy Carnivals"

09/19/18- “Relics and Curiousities”

09/21/18- “Diverse Voices”

09/23/18- "Murder Most Foul"

09/25/18-"Amateur Sleuth"

09/27/18-"Genre: Suspense"

09/29/18 -“Supernatural”

10/01/18-"Ghost Stories"


10/05/18- “Shifters”

10/07/18- “13”

10/09/13- "Terror in a Small Town"

10/11/18- "Darkest London"


10/15/18-"Genre: Horror"

10/17/18-“Fear the Drowning Deep"


10/21/18- "Country House Mystery"


10/25/18-"Romantic Suspense"


10/27/18-"Slasher Stories" 

10/29/18-"Modern Noir" 

10/31/18-"Baker Street Irregulars"





 Books Read


Terrifying Women: Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith, Read 8/30/18


Cryptozoologist: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, Read 9/01/18


Creepy Carnivals: The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson, Read 9/02/18


13- Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie, Read 09/03/18


Raven- Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz, Read 09/05/18


Genre: Horror-'Salem's Lot by Stephen King, Read 09/07/18


New Release is Flight or Fight edited by Stephen King and Bev Vincent, Read 09/10/18


Southern Gothic is Tales From the Haunted South by Tiya Miles, Read 09/11/18 


Shiters is Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1) by Ilona Andrews, Read 09/11/18


Romantic Suspense is The Search by Nora Roberts, Read 9/13/18


Ghost Stories is Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake, Read 09/15/18


Slasher Stories is Thinner by Stephen King (Wild Card), Read 09/15/18


Fear the Drowning Deep is Cujo by Stephen King (Wild Card), Read 09/16/18


Modern Masters of Horror is One Was Lost by Natalie D. Richards, Read 09/17/18


Spellbound is The Witchcraft of Salem Village by Shirley Jackson, Read 09/18/18


A Grimm Tale is Hunted by Meagan Spooner, Read 09/21/18


Amateur Sleuth is A Pocket Full of Rye by Agatha Christie, Read 09/22/18


Darkest London is Dracula by Bram Stoker, Read 09/22/18


Diverse Voices is The Opposite House by Helen Oyeyemi, Read 09/23/18


Murder Most Foul is The Hollow Man by John Dickson Carr, Read 09/24/18


Doomsday is I Am Legend by Robert Matheson, Read 09/24/18


Deadlands is Feed by Mira Grant, Read 09/27/18


Terror in a Small Town is Carrie by Stephen King, Read 09/28/18


Baker Street Irregulars is Lair of Dreams by Libby Bray, Read 09/29/18