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Russian Mother's Day-24 Tasks


Russian Mother's Day


Task 1:  Tell us: What is the mother of all writerly sins in your book (tropes, grammar mistakes, telling instead of showing, etc.)?


Purple prose. It just sets me off and makes me grind my teeth. I can stand some of it, but good grief I think I almost broke something when reading Divergent. I noticed that a lot of YA authors get into purple prose and I can see why that turns a lot of readers off. 

"In purple prose, skin is always creamy, eyelashes always glistening, heroes always brooding, and sunrises always magical. Purple prose also features an abundance of metaphors and figurative language, long sentences, and abstractions."
(Jessica Page Morrell, Between the Lines. Writer's Digest Books, 2006) 

Divergent Review


Task 2: Do you have a favorite Mothers’ Day memory that you are happy to share? Photos welcome but optional.


I honestly can't think of one. My mother passed when I was 23 and two years earlier my dad died. I think that we mostly would make my mom breakfast in bed and we would have cards and presents for her. But I honestly can't think of anything that I specifically gave her for mother's day. I know that I bought my dad a tool box for father's day. I only remember that since it was so expensive and I used my first paycheck while working to do it. 


Task 3: Perhaps the best-known scene in the James Bond novel and film From Russia With Love is 007 being poisoned by Russian agent Rosa Klebb with a venom-laced blade hidden in her shoe. Tell us: Have you ever owned any particular / outrageous / funny / best-beloved or otherwise special pair of shoes? Post a photo if you should still own them.


I don't have a picture of them. But starting 9th grade I had these bright blue shoes that I initially loved since they were funky to me. First day of school, two of my best friends called them Smurf shoes and after being made fun of all day I stuck them in the closet to never wear again. My parents were annoyed with me since it's not like shoes grow on trees and made me wear them. I pretty much tried to dirty them up and take the blue off anyway I could. Also these shoes bled through and my socks turned blue every time I would wear these shoes. 


Task 4: Make a traditional Russian dish like borscht, blintzes, pirogi or solyanka soup, and share a picture with us. Find recipe suggestions here: https://www.expatica.com/ru/about/Top-10-Russian-foods-and-recipes_108678.html


Going to pass on this one. 


Book: Read a book set in Russia, or involving a story within a story / play within a play (like the Russian matryoshka dolls stuck inside each other), or where a key character (not necessarily the protagonist) is a mother.


I have some ideas. Will have to just think on it a little more.