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Winter Prey is a Ride and a Half

Winter Prey  - John Sandford

Wow. It was like a light switch went on and the Prey series turned itself upside down. In the fifth book for once we have a more mature Lucas.


Lucas meets a surgeon, Weather that I really like. For once we didn't have a woman who seemed to debase herself to be with Lucas. She accepts him on her own terms and isn't running to have sex with him. Lucas cares about her and for once you see him actually having conversations with her.


And we also have Lucas showing what a good investigator he is. When he is asked to help out in Wisconsin when a family's home is torched and it shows that they were killed beforehand, he agrees. We see that Lucas misses being part of an investigation and tracking down people. The reason why I like the Harry Bosch series so much is that you know that Harry is good at his job. He makes sure that every case counts and doesn't care about political fallout. Up until now, the cases that Davenport investigates doesn't make it seem like he really cared about anything besides getting laid along the way. It just rubbed me the wrong way. 


I also didn't guess the bad guy in this one. Sandford cleverly allows us to see this person's POV, but he calls himself the Iceman and until the reveal about who it is, you are left wondering.


The writing is a lot tighter in this one. We have a whole cast of characters who are affected by this family's murder. The flow was good. We stayed mostly on Lucas's third person point of view. We would go back and forth to the Iceman, but I liked how Sandford included him in the plot without revealing who it was. 

The setting in this one is a small town in Wisconsin. We have many people saying over and over again that things like this just don't happen. And we see the fallout when Lucas starts to break the case wide open and we see what ugliness was going on beneath the surface of this sleepy little town. 

The ending was really good and shocks you a bit. You are left wondering about how the events in this book are going to affect everyone that is left standing.