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I'll Be Gone in the Dark

I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer - Michelle McNamara, Patton Oswalt, Gillian Flynn

What a great true crime book. What is weird is that I didn't hear about Michelle McNamara until after she passed away. A lot of people who have been following me know that I love true crime and mystery books. I am sad to say that I had not read any of McNamara's writing before now. She is able to bring life to those who are long gone and also gives you glimpses into the man we now know is the Golden State Killer. 


"I'll Be Gone in the Dark" takes a look at where McNamara's true crime obsession came from and her hunting down tips and investigators looking into the man who was also known as the East Area Rapist. The book switches between McNamara's life growing up in Chicago to her being older and married, and still doing what she can to track down the bad guys. 


The look back at the crimes that occurred and the victims and their families was very well done. I also maybe scared myself to death a half dozen times while reading this book and had to leave the outside lights on for a couple of days afterwards. To read about a man who is breaking into homes, raping the women, and tying up the men, with no one able to catch him is the stuff of nightmares. Maybe that is why the Golden State Killer was hard to shake for McNamara. This man took so much from so many people, and it's appalling when it seems as if there is nothing anyone can do, he will get away from it.


Due to McNamara passing away before completing this book, you have sections that are completed by others and they give you a heads up on who finished it and how they rounded things out. We also get an introduction by Gillian Flynn and an afterword by McNamara's widowed husband, Patton Oswalt. Included are pictures of the victims and some scenes as well. 

For those who want to know more about these cases, I would suggest you follow up by listening to My Favorite Murder podcast. They get into this case, and even follow up on the Golden State Killer arrest and talk to investigator Paul Holes.