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Introduction to Davenport's Moriarty

Certain Prey (Lucas Davenport, #10) - John Sandford

Every great detective needs their Moriarty, and in "Certain Prey" Lucas Davenport finds her. This is the introduction to Clara Rinker. Clara and Lucas go toe to toe (though he doesn't realize it) when Lucas and his group start looking into what looks like a professional hit on a rich socialite with a not very bright husband (seriously you guys, it hurt to read this guy talking). When the FBI lets Lucas know this may be connected to a hit woman that has been doing this for years that has never been caught, Lucas wonders if he has her and someone else in the cross-hairs. The ending was a surprise to me, especially since Sanford usually writes his bad guys as truly evil and no redeeming value, I won't be surprised if many people out there won't end up liking Clara. 


Lucas is doing a bit better now that things between him and ex-girlfriend Weather are very much over. What he needs is a new case to sink his teeth into. When a rich socialite is found murdered, Lucas starts to wonder who out there would want her dead. When all signs points to a professional hit with the FBI giving him tips here and there, Lucas starts to narrow down who would want this woman dead.

First off, Sandford does a great job of developing Clara. We get her backstory and we get to see what moves her. When you get to see her interacting with her client who ordered the hit, you can see why she ended up liking this person. However, Sandford shows you that Clara has a code, and the person who hired her 100 percent does not.

The person who ordered the hit was a surprise. The why behind it was madness too. I kind of loved it though because of what happens in the end (no spoilers). Talk about be careful what you wish for. And this person I thought was developed nicely by Sandford too.


Lucas in this one was much more focused (thank goodness) and when he figures out what is going on, does what he has to in order to bring at least one of the guilty parties to justice. I know that many readers don't like Lucas's methods, but it didn't really bother me in this one. Especially when you see the rampage the killers get up to. Lucas ended things with his detective and they are now friends, but still circling each other. I hate it when Sandford does that no one can resist Lucas thing, but it taps down on it in this and the preceding books. What until the next book though, it was hot garbage there.


The writing was much tighter and the flow was great. I rank this book as number two in the series with "Winter Prey" as number one.


The ending left things up in the air with our Moriarty and I for one, could not be happier.