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Terrible and the Return of Lucas and his Magic Penis

Easy Prey (Lucas Davenport, #11) - John Sandford

Gah. Why did Sandford even write this mess of a book?! It made zero sense plot wise, the development of characters was flushed down the toilet, and really we had pages and pages of Lucas angsting over sleeping with someone that had sex (willingly) with her own brother. I just needed a bleach bath after finishing this book.


Look, long story short, "Easy Prey" is about a model and another woman being found murdered. There are a ton of suspects. Nothing makes sense though because Sandford just wrote this book to really be about Lucas and his magical penis again. We have three, count them people, there women who are vying to be with Lucas in this one.


One, is an ex-model that Lucas is attracted to because she has scars on her face. No, I am not kidding. 


Second, is his old college girlfriend who he was a massive ass to and screamed on one day. She is going through a mid-life crisis about being in a perfect marriage, with great kids, but still thinking about having sex with Lucas cause, reasons. At least Lucas called her out on her mess though, even if he was still thinking about having sex with her, to just help her out. Gah.

Third, is Weather. Most readers fell for her and thought her and Lucas were perfect together. Now we have her back and seeming to be looking to try again with Lucas after the events that drove them apart. Lucas wants to be with her, but after maybe having sex with woman #1 and #2 a few dozen times. It's gross. The book ends with one of them calling him and so we don't know who Lucas chooses.

There is zero development of anyone else in this one. I got nothing. I am still perplexed at the why behind the murders (because nothing made sense).


This book was a total turkey.