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1st to Die

1st to Die (Women's Murder Club, #1) - James Patterson

I fell in love with this series when I was 23. I also played the games based on this series too. Too bad I ended up despising the characters and writing around book #10 and tapped out. I decided to do a re-read since my library had pretty much all of the books available right now.


1st to Die follows homicide inspector, Lindsay Boxer. Lindsay has plans to be made a lieutenant one day. When she gets devastating medical news on top of being involved with what looks to be a serial killer, she ends up asking her friends for her help, thus the women's murder club is borne. 


I have to say that Lindsay never grabbed me as a lead in this series. She was and is in the earlier books too wishy washy. We know she's divorced, but she catches feelings for her new partner and he for her for no reasons except plot. 


Patterson doesn't do a great job of developing the other three women in the club, Claire Washburn (a Medical Examiner) Jill Bernhardt, (assistant D.A.), and Cindy Thomas (journalist). The women don't do much but get together to have margaritas and lo and behold they are somehow figuring out what done it and why. 


The book also switches between these women and the killer (with Lindsay in first person POV) and everyone else in third person point of view, except for the killer, which makes zero sense. Patterson should have just had Boxer as the lead, and have her interact with her friends more.

The writing is choppy and so are the chapters. I can't lie, these are a fast read and you won't have a chance to get bored since Patterson runs from scene to scene.


The why behind the murders was a reach and a half though and the ending was a joke.