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First Part Setting the Two Main Characters Was Great, Rest of Book Didn't Work

The Silent Wife - A.S.A. Harrison

Well not too much to say about this one besides it was ultimately a disappointment. I thought I was going to get into a psychological thriller about tihe ins and outs of a marriage. I think in the end I didn't like this book because I didn't have sympathy for "the silent wife" or Jodi. She just passively lets everything happen to her and she lashes out here and there, but not in a big way. And the ending left everything up in the air. You don't know what really happened or who was to blame and I just felt meh about the whole book. I think if Jodi or Todd were interesting in anyway maybe I would have liked it more. They both just were out and out cliches. 


Jodi is a psychiatrist who only sees hand selected patients. She doesn't like treating anyone with too real problems who can end up hurting themselves. That right there sets the stage for me not really liking Jodi. Jodi likes her routines and she likes making a nice home for her and Todd. I will say that Harrison does a good job of showing why Jodi was initially attracted to Todd. I just have to say though it makes zero sense why she stayed with him after knowing about how he cheats on her constantly. I just didn't get that part and when things finally spiral out of control I wanted to go well what did you expect?

Todd...eh I don't know what to say. Harrison doesn't not make him sympathetic at all. He lies, cheats, and seems to think that being with a younger woman means that he is more virile and alive or something. I just didn't care about his point of view after a while. He wants to keep Jodi and his new life and is grudgingly being pushed into a life he really doesn't want. I thought he was pretty pathetic in the end.

The other characters are very developed. We just really focus on Jodi and Todd and two other characters, Todd's mistress, and his mistress's father slightly. Everyone else just  comes on to stage to move the plot along. 


I thought the writing was just okay after a while. The dual perspectives showing "Her" and then "Him" were initially well done. However, the whole thing started to feel repetitive after a while. You were not getting any new insights into anyone. Jodi is a victim and Todd is just pathetic, a man who wants his old life back, but is too lame to just say that to anyone. The flow was not great though after a while. The whole book starts to drag and then it finally gets to the end.

The book takes place in Chicago. I wish that it had been played up a bit more in the book. Instead, the city is merely a backdrop to the play that is Jodi and Todd. 


The ending just goes on and on for a while until I guess Harrison thought they had said something profound about the state of marriages. I don't know. I was just glad to be done.