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Halloween Bingo Pre-Party: Halloween Bingo Reading Snacks and Drinks

Well I have been working out and changed up my food habits. Apparently being stressed out all of the time equaled me drinking my weight in wine and a lot of cheeses and crackers. Since May I have lost 15 pounds and hope to lose at least 10 more by October 1.


So for me my reading snacks and drinks are going to be what I have already changed up about my day to day food intake. But there's also going to be some champagne!



Reading snacks:


Baby carrots


Almond nut thin crackers (I am obsessed with these things)

Mozzarella snacking cheese. 

Cookies (I plan on making some ginger snaps since they read as more Autumny to me and ginger is good for digestion)

Chocolate squares (my newest obsession is Divine Chocolates with Himalayan Pink Salt. 





















All the tea I can stand. I can't wait for the cooler weather. I tend to go off tea during the warmer months of the year. You can pry my coffee from my cold dead hands.

Gin and Tonic (only if I get a bingo)

Champagne (only if I get a bingo card blackout)