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Solid Entry in Cedar Cove Series

44 Cranberry Point - Debbie Macomber

This was just an okay installment in the Cedar Cove series. I thought that Macomber often glossed over really serious issues with no real communication between couples (Cecilia and Ian; Jon and Maryellen) and that the whole mystery with Bob and Peggy was a big washout. It could only have been one person behind the whole thing so color me unsurprised by the reveal. That said, I did enjoy reading about certain events (the bachelor/dog auction was hilarious) and cracked up at Jack and Olivia having to get used to being a married couple now.


"44 Cranberry Point" takes place a few months after the events in the last book. This book focuses on Bob and Peggy Beldon who live at 44 Cranberry Point. The long married couple are still shaken by the man that came to their Bed and Breakfast and died. Finding out the man's connections to a local man who committed suicide as well as to Bob causes the couple and the local sheriff to think that someone could be out to hurt Bob as well. The Beldons decide to not allow visitors for a few months while hoping the sheriff can figure out what's going on. Per usual Macomber jumps around and catches up with previous couples and also introduces who will be upcoming couples in future books.

So I thought Bob and Peggy's story was kind of far-fetched from the extreme. As I already said above, it could only have been one person, so I was bored waiting for everyone else to catch on.


The story-lines involving Cecilia and Ian was just too much. I get why Ian was scared to have a child. But these never really discuss things, Cecilia just seduces her husband while he gets angry at her for doing so since he feels tricked into having sex with her. Yes that's an actual line in this book. I honestly wish that Macomber had actually allowed the character to be up front about being scared and also maybe saying he was worried about being gone again while his wife was pregnant. Everything is handwaved away a bit too much.

The Jon and Maryellen storyline will never not aggravate me. As readers know, Jon was sent to prison for 7 years due to his parents lying about him in order to protect his younger brother.


Image result for yeah i got nothing gif


Like I don't know what people have heard, but prison is freaking terrible. Also he was innocent! And instead we have Maryellen going behind his back to talk to his parents and how upset they are that their son is bitter and has no forgiveness in his heart. I could not. If I was Jon I would have punted these two fools into the sun.


And then we also jump around to Olivia's mother's new romance, Grace still full of regrets on her romance ending with Cliff, and Olivia and Jack's new marriage. We also get introduced to a woman and man who I am sure are going to be subjects in future books.


The writing was typical Macomber, mostly fade to black for the love scenes. And a lot of talk about love and forgiveness. I wonder now why Macomber doesn't push herself out there into Christian romance more, but I guess the whole having sex before marriage like some of the characters do or did would be frowned upon. 


The flow was actually not that great this time through. I think Macomber was trying to juggle too many things and it showed. It should have really focused more on Peggy and Bob, with maybe some of Olivia and Jack's frustrations at living together. A little of Grace would have been good too, but instead it was jam-packed with people and not enough time to focus on everyone's plots. 


I always love the sound of the town of Cedar Cove. It always sounds lovely and full of good and hard working people. 

The ending of the book leaves things on a cliffhanger though with a private investigator and his wife who just moved to town a few months earlier.