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The Night Fire - Michael Connelly

What a great book in the series! I’m impatient for the next one now. 

Bosch and Ballard shine in this one. There’s a slightly morbid update regarding Bosch, but things seem to be good so far. Connelly points out he’s almost 70 now. Ballard loves the Late Show and isn’t interested in going back to Robbery Homicide. When Harry provides information on a cold case an ex partner had she and Harry start looking into a murder that happened decades ago. Ballard also has a case of a homeless man being burned to death. And Harry has his own case looking into a murder trial Haller got asked to work on. All three cases end up being linked, but it was such a fun way to get there I won’t complain. 

The ending shows that there’s another cold case that may be the focus of the next book. 

Five stars!