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Christmas Shopaholic

Christmas Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella

"Christmas Shopaholic" has the Brandon family back in Britain after the misadventures of the whole clan in Hollywood. Becky no longer has a job (again) and is instead all about mindfulness (not really). Her half-sister and her husband are about to return to the UK and now Becky's parents are giving up their home in order for her sister and her husband to live there. No that doesn't make any freaking sense and I refuse to dwell on it. Now that Becky's parents are living in a hipster community, her mother doesn't want to host Christmas. Instead, she asks Becky to do so and per usual shopping shenanigans commence. 


I laughed through this whole book, and no not in a good way. I feel like Kinsella re-used plot elements from her prior book, "Mini-Shopaholic" with her now trying to throw a great Christmas party that makes everyone happy, instead of trying to throw a surprise birthday party for Luke. One wonders why Kinsella keeps going back to this character. Her stand-alones have been pretty good in my opinion. And I loved her YA book she did as well. Ah well, I guess we will be getting Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood novels until death.