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Rafe - Rebekah Weatherspoon

Fans self. Seriously. This book was ridiculously hot. I loved Rafe and I loved Sloan. I am so going to track down the books in the rest of this series. Thank you for hot male nannies with tatoos who also can comb little girls hair.

"Rafe" I thought was really good, there are some odds and ends that I would usually ding a book for, but the love scenes more than made up for it. I loved that the main character was a black woman, top of her field (heart surgeon) dealing with two 6 year old twin girls. Sloan has already let herself be ruled by a man before (her ex) so when she interviews Rafe as a nanny, she's thrown when he admits he is attracted to her and she admits she is attracted to him.

I loved the character of Sloan and her phone conversations and texts with her bestie. I was cracking up. I will agree with other reviewers though that Sloan and Rafe are not that deep. They just want to have sex with each other. I didn't really get a sense of character/relationship development. I think it's because this was on the shorter side and Weatherspoon just didn't have time to work that in. I did think that on their own the characters were developed very well. I hope that makes sense. For example, I got what made both of them tick, I loved their families, I also felt for them when you realize what went on in both of their lives before. I just wish that I got more intimacy outside of a bedroom with them.

The setting of the book is mostly Sloan's home and Rafe's parents home. We don't get a sense of Los Angeles. I read something the other day that most movies and tv shows get LA wrong and just show the usual crap. I do think that some books are able to capture LA like the Bosch series written by Michael Connelly. I wish more writers would incorporate the city the book is in more. I think if it's not New York, most don't worry about it.

The ending was a surprise (a time jump) and things are left on an unusual note, but seems a set-up for the next book in the series.