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The Right Swipe

The Right Swipe - Alisha Rai

Honestly this is more of a 3.5 star read than a 4 star, but I rounded up. I enjoyed this book, but thought the heroine at times was such a pill it was hard to root for her. I get why she was the way she was, but after a while I wanted to say, quit being an asshole. And the hero was just all instant forgiveness and perfection. I think the end was a little too pat for my tastes too.

"The Right Swipe" follows Rhiannon Hunter who has set up her own dating app. She wants to buy a matchmaking company that she thinks she can take up to the next level. When she shows up for a presentation that they are doing, she is shocked to see her one night stand who ghosted her (yeah will get into that below) there as the new face of the company, Samson Lima.


So here is the thing. Rhiannon uses her own app to do hook-ups (which....girl why?) and when she meets up with Samson they don't know each other's real names. They have a hot night and he promises to see her again soon. Even though her own profile is like, only for a night. What I don't get or understand is based on Rhiannon's past, why in the world would she jeopardize her company if something like that got out? At one point she mentions she had contingencies if others found out. Second, she is fine with one night stands, so her getting angry she got ghosted was weird and never made sense to me. 


I liked Samson's character and finding out he used to play in the NFL and why he left was great. I think his story-line didn't mesh well with Rhiannon's when all was said and done.


The plot of Rhiannon and Samson going out on dates to boost both their companies sounded interesting, but the execution fell flat. The love scenes were great, but I was honestly missing a lot development wise.

The writing was good in parts, and other parts seemed a bit too dogged down in things that didn't flow together naturally. The "Metoo" movement has been popping up in contemporary romance books lately. I think that's great, but some writers do more with that then what I think was here. I don't know, something just fell off as I was reading. 

The ending was okay, I just got tired of Rhiannon being wrong on things and Samson going to forgiveness mode.