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The Book Charmer

The Book Charmer - Karen Hawkins

Wow. This was so good. I am so happy that Hawkins has turned this into a series because I fell in love with all of the residents of Dove Pond, especially Sarah Dove.


The book starts off being about her and then we switch gears to follow a new resident of Dove Pond, Grace Wheeler and her family. We don't know what it is about Grace, but apparently one of the books that talks to Sarah Dove tells her that Grace is going to be important to Dove Pond and needs to stay forever. Too bad that Grace has plans to move back to Asheville, North Carolina, when she finishes her year stint working for the mayor's office. 


I hope the next book gets more into Sarah and what causes her to run away from the local sheriff. We hear bits and pieces here and there, but I want more. I loved how Sarah is happy and is able to talk to books. That she always knows the book that has to go to people in town. Her sister Ava can grow anything and seems to have an affinity for gardens. It seems all of the Doves have special abilities that I can't wait to read more about.

Grace though had the opposite growing up that Sarah did though. Grace and her sister Hannah were raised in the foster care system until they finally gotten taken in by a woman called Mama G. What is weird though is that Mama G is able to sense something about children and even adults and realizes that there is something about Hannah, but she's going to take them both in. We fast forward to present times and Grace is moving to Dove Pond with Mama G and her sister's child. Grace has a lot of anger built up in her that she thought she put behind her, but now it's front and center again. All she wants to do is put her time in for a year and get out of Dove Pond. Too bad that Sarah is focused on making her, her friend and having her stay.


I thought the other characters like Trav, Ava, Blake, (I am forgetting scores) gave this book so much heart. I loved Trav's backstory and how it tied neatly into something that Grace was going through too.


The setting of Dove Pond sounds magical. A small southern town that is in danger of becoming a ghost town soon if something doesn't help pull things around. I loved that everyone knew each other's names and stories and no one thought they were odd. I loved the fact that the mayor was super useless and only wanted the position so he could go fishing.

The flow worked nicely going back and forth between Sarah, Grace, and Trav. I think though next time it should just be two people instead of three. Not that it didn't work here, but I found myself wanting to get back to Sarah's sections more and then I wanted to be back in Grace's more and then wanting to get back to Trav. Too much was happening (in a good way).


The ending was lovely though a bit abrupt. I think it could have been a bit smoother. Other than that, what a wonderful book!