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Hannah-Beast - Jennifer McMahon

So this short story to me is reflective of McMahon's longer novels. Starts off with a good idea and just falls apart in the middle and ending. Also the way this was written was confusing. We were jumping back in time getting Hannah's point of view and then sometimes Amanda (I think at one point) and then the present with us just being with Amanda. It would have made better sense to have it focus on Amanda with her past thoughts on Hannah and present thoughts on her today. 

"Hannah-Beast" follows a thirty something (I guess) year old woman named Amanda who is reflecting on Halloween and her town's macabre past. We find out that back in 1982 something terrible happened and a lot of kids run around to this day wearing so-called Hannah-Beast costumes. We don't know what the so-called Hannah did, but apparently it was awful and Amanda feels guilt and angry about it for some unknown reason. Amanda is now divorced and dealing with her young daughter Erin's resentment over her father leaving and how her mother treats her. The short story then flashes back to the past with a young lonely girl named Hannah. Hannah has a terrible child-hood and wants so bad to be friends with a group of three girls, one of which is Amanda in the present. The story jumps back and forth until the ending.

I was intrigued by McMahon shining a light on what real beasts pre-teen and teenage girls are though. I did feel for Hannah in the past. I just think that the story would have been better served if McMahon had stayed on either Hannah or Amanda. I had so many questions about the ending though, but just left it alone. It didn't make a lot of sense and I think that it read as rushed to me.