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It Happened One Wedding (FBI / US Attorney, #5)

It Happened One Wedding (FBI / US Attorney, #5) - Julie James This really was not that interesting. Too pretty people having hot sex though they initially loathed each other. I was bored from beginning to end when I was not disgusted by the character of Vaughn.

Sidney Sinclair is an investment banker. After moving back to Chicago after finding out her fiancee was cheating on her, she is trying to dip her toe back into the dating pool. After a blah date at a coffee shop, she is asked out by a total stranger who lashes out like a petty POS after she turns him down. Guess who the petty POS is? It's this book's hero, Vaughn. I really don't care for how many of the so-called meet-cute's James does in this series. She did something similar in [book:Suddenly One Summer|23001504] with somehow the heroine being in the wrong for not wanting to go out with the hero. This just grinds my gears honestly (TM Peter Griffin). Women are allowed to say no. We are allowed to say no anytime we want, and some random stranger who hits on you and who you tell no I don't want to go out with you tomorrow who then insults you, doesn't make you some terrible freaking women. Okay, my spiel of the day is done.

Since this is a chick-lit book, of course Sidney and Vaughn run into each other again, and oh look they find out that their brother (Vaughn) and sister (Sidney) are engaged to be married after knowing each other for only a short while.

Due to Sidney's sister doing her best to hide her totally obvious pregnancy, Sidney finds herself thrown more and more into meetings with Vaughn where they both keep trying to deny their growing attraction to each other.

Sidney Sinclair I found to be kind of a beige heroine. I wish that James had showcased her at her job more than she did. It seemed interesting. And in previous books I have read, I thought James did a great job of showing these strong women and how great they are at their jobs. Instead we just focused a lot more on Vaughn and his boring undercover assignment at the FBI. I wish that had been cut significantly so that we could look at Sidney's job more.

The one thing that did make me laugh though which I don't think the author meant to was that we just have Vaughn falling for Sidney. I don't know. She fell for him, and I don't get that either. They had good sex together. They didn't really seem to have deep conversations except once in a while and I was not getting the whole, hi, I am now in love with you thing.

I think the big thing that killed this for me is that Sidney actually meets a great guy. A guy who wants to date her. But you know, she realizes she is in love with Vaughn. Bah. Maybe I am letting my own bad feelings color this book. I have dated or tried to date a Vaughn. Just cut your losses and be on your way.

This series for the most part is a good way to pass away some time. It doesn't take a lot of energy to read and sometimes you just want a breezy chick-lit book.