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Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland - Lewis Carroll I read this book as part of the Dead Writers Society Literary Birthday Challenge for 2016. We read dead authors books whose birthday falls within a particular month. I will see if I have time for another author. I picked this one since it was my favorite as a child. Re-reading as an adult though I realize what a little jerk Alice was at times though.

Alice chases after the White Rabbit and then falls headlong into Wonderland.

Once she arrives in Wonderland she comes across a small door and through it she can see a beautiful garden that she wants to explore. Since the door is very small, Alice ends up coming across a table with an unknown drink which she drinks after examining it which causes her to shrink. From there it becomes a comedy of errors as Alice shrinks and grows and is still unable to gain access to the garden. I think at one point I said, for heaven's sake unlock the dang door while you are big and then get small and go through it!

Due to Alice's constant crying she is then swept away by her own tears when she is small with a host of other animals.

What causes me to laugh is that everytime Alice happens upon a new situation she says the wrong thing and almost always makes things worse. Case in point, she gets sent to the White Rabbit's house for a fan and gloves, she grows again, and when the White Rabbit who is rightfully put out by her entire body taking up his house, proceeds to go and terrorize him and others who do their best to get her out of the house. The line, well there goes Bill caused me to laugh out loud.

The writing was funny though at times confusing. You realize that everyone is a little mad here and nothing anyone says makes a lick of sense. The flow was really good though. None of the chapters were too long/short and everything worked together. I loved that the version of the book I had included illustrations which were nice to see and it broke up the text nicely.

The setting of Wonderland was an odd thing. I honestly couldn't get a handle on how big/small the place was since Alice was shrinking and growing. It seemed like everything was right next door to each other.

The ending was very cute and I loved how the story ends with the older sister thinking of how one day when Alice is grown up she will tell her children stories of Wonderland and thereby keep her childhood memories alive.