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Save the Date

Save the Date - Mary Kay Andrews I was really surprised that Ms. Andrews told this story from Cara and Jack's perspectives. I was also pleasantly surprised that the story as told from Jack's perspective actually read like a man his age and circumstances would speak or think.

Cara was written as a strong woman and I liked that you slowly get to find out about her past and the kind of upbringing she experienced. I like it when we are able to slowly unravel characters and not have someone or them info dump to clue in the reader.

The love scenes I thought were done just well, but honestly I was not that interested in them because I was more interested in reading about Cara and her trying to keep her business afloat while dealing with her father and his constant undermining comments that he made to her.

The main reason why I gave this book four stars is that we read about the rival florist Cullen Keane and there seems to be a hint that he is out to get Cara because of something that occurred between the two of them or maybe someone in Cara's past. But then he kind of got ignored at the end which I thought was an odd choice. Also the epilogue was a bit confusing since you don't really know how long it was after the events in the last chapter happened. I hate it when I read a book and the author doesn't clue you into timelines. Heck just add something that says 'One year later..." or have a character say "gee I can't believe it has been two years". Other than that I found this to be a really fast and engaging read.