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To Love and to Cherish (Wedding Belles Book 3)

To Love and to Cherish (Wedding Belles Book 3) - Lauren Layne Thank goodness books #1 and #3 were so good, because book #2 almost derailed the whole thing. Of course we have Josh making appearances and showing up, and yup still a jackass so that was great (not great, not great at all) and we have previous heroes/heroines showing up, but they managed to enhance the story. I wish though that we had seen this in previous books more than we did in this one though.

Also, I liked the character of Logan, but I call BS on what he ends up doing when he doesn't get the right response from Alexis. I had some Roarke and Eve (In Death series) flashbacks and I always hated how heavy-handed Roarke was with Eve earlier on in their relationship because hey he was in love so she needed to be too and needed to just give over instead of him being patient and understanding her.

Alexis Morgan has always wanted to be a wedding planner. So when she gets the chance to make her dream a reality by agreeing to a silent partner (Logan Harris) takes him up on his offer. Cue 8 years later and Alexis looks around her and sees that her co-worker/friends are all almost coupled up. She starts to wonder if putting her business first was smart all these years. And then she realizes that her long time partner and friend Logan may be just who she needs to ease her back into the world of romance.

Logan has been pretty much in love with Alexis from first sight. We know this from books #1 and #2 and we have the first meeting of these two in book #3. I really thought out of all of the couples, Alexis and Logan made the most sense. You got the chemistry between them for days. But just like with the last book, I had some serious really issues with none of them sharing significant details with each other really until a good 3/4 of the book. It doesn't make sense since these two have known each other so long. Of course we have it that it's because Alexis is cold and business like, etc. and I was all what? I also thought that Logan's family giving him an ultimatum didn't make a lot of sense. You have a kid leaving overseas and establishing businesses and you are still oh yeah he's going to come home and live permanently one day was odd.

Also speaking of Alexis, I got that she was competent and very good at her job in books #1 and #2. All of a sudden in this one, she doesn't get how dating apps work, doesn't know how to curl her hair or put on makeup. Are you serious? I mean we have Heather I think mentioning video vloggers and I just shook my head. Alexis is at least 32 I think in this story, you are telling me you haven't heard of Tindr, OK Cupid, etc.? She's a wedding planner, it doesn't make any sense that she doesn't know of these things. I did like how Alexis finally has it out with her mother and talks to her slightly estranged sister by the end of the book though. When you do find out why Alexis swears off romance, I did feel for her a lot. I can't even imagine a scenario like the one she goes through.

The secondary characters are much more developed in this one than in previous books. We have Alexis's family and Logan's family a constant in their lives which I thought was nice. We also have appearances from the other characters. I also really didn't get a sense of camaraderie between the women in this one though. It's so odd how Heather and Brooke talk about how close they are in books #1 and #2 and Alexis is all well I work with these people. It's pretty funny to me that was her impression of things.

The writing was great and I have to say the love scenes were fantastic. I definitely enjoyed this one a lot. Logan and Alexis are very hot and I was rooting for them the whole book.

The setting in this book seems mostly focused on The Wedding Belles business (because Alexis lives upstairs) and I got a real sense of her based on her apartment and how the business looked.

The ending towards this book honestly reminded me a bit of one of Nora Roberts wedding quartet books. I also though the epilogue just glossed over a lot of things that I wanted to find out more about (Alexis and Logan's family).