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A Look at The End with Our Roland

Dark Tower: The Long Road Home #3 (of 5) (Dark Tower: The Long Road Home Vol. 1) - Peter David, Stephen King;Jae Lee;Richard Isanove, Stephen King, Marko Djurdjevic, Jae Lee, Robin Furth

This one went to four stars with the story following Roland still enthralled and we get to see him standing and seeing a future event when he stands in front of the Tower (oh Oy). We also get to see adult Roland who is lost and alone. We only get to see his eyes and the rest of him seems to be swallowed in darkness. Constant readers know what happened to bring Roland to the Tower.


Of course this is just something for Marten to taunt Roland with in order to break Roland and force him to become a servant to the Crimson King. It's like they just met Roland.


Cuthbert Allgood (notice the last name) and Alain are still trying to get back to Gilead and carrying Roland. Alain decided to once again do what he can to reach Roland and try to pull him out of Maerlyn's Grapefruit. Poor Bert is left alone and realizes he's in danger.


I thought Roland and Alain fighting off Marten in this otherworld was pretty boring. Those panels lacked the zap of the other issues. I just can't take a man seriously that has pink lightning coming out of his eyes. 


I will call bs on one scene with Roland and the narrative trying to explain it away. I rolled my eyes a lot. 


Once again the extra saved this issue a lot. We get to see what becomes of Arthur Eld and his companions. Not going to lie though how they get out fo trouble made me scratch my head. I do think King should put something together (a prequel to the Dark Tower) that includes stories like this and explanations of people and places.