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Okay Issue, Think this and the Next One Should Have Been Combined

Dark Tower: The Long Road Home #4 (of 5) (Dark Tower: The Long Road Home Vol. 1) - Peter David, Stephen King;Jae Lee;Richard Isanove, Stephen King, Ron Garney, Jae Lee, Robin Furth

This was good. I don't know about the whole Sheemie thing that was included. I had to grab my hardcover of Wizard and Glass cause I literally had to go wait I don't think this happened, did it? Like a dozen times. Because of my less than fawning slobbering over these issues I am going to see about trying to get the next issues in one volume if possible. One reason why I had to get the single issues was because my library didn't have these available. 


Issue four has Alain and Bert fighting off freaking wolves and along comes Super Sheemie to save the day. The only cool thing I loved was the Crimson King confronting Roland to his face. He definitely didn't seem all powerful then, just very weak to be scared of a newly minted Gunslinger.


Even though the Crimson King throws down about not letting Roland see his true face, I thought he seemed small and bent. This one seems even shorter than the last issue.


The extra in his one just have details about Mid-World mutants. And yes the illustrations in some cases was a bit too much for me. Boo to spiders. Always. Then the extra delves into human mutuations as well.