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Finally Home

Dark Tower: The Long Road Home #5 (of 5) (Dark Tower: The Long Road Home Vol. 1) - Peter David, Stephen King;Jae Lee;Richard Isanove, Stephen King, Lee Bermejo, Jae Lee, Robin Furth

Well this issue has Roland finally released from the mental clutches of The Crimson King and Marten Broadcloak. Roland is left changed by Susan's death as well as Maerlyn's Grapefruit. His two friends are worried for him and the fact that he knowingly holds back something from his father. 


I am so confused still on what happened to Sheemie. And though we get a climatic battle it felt a little flat to me. Maybe cause I used to not be impressed when the X-Men would be fighting on the astral plane too. 


I will say that I don't get why Bert and Alain keep quiet a out Roland. I would have one hundred percent told on him. There friend is off and they keep their mouths close based on loyalty. But considering how much trouble Roland got them into, it feels false to me that Bert of all people would willingly go along with things.


It was good to see them ride into Gilead. Of course everyone is happy since Farson spread the rumor that they were dead. Eh as I said before I think the last issue and this one would have been better served combined. There was just something missing from these issues. 


Roland comes face to face with his father Steven (raises eyebrow at King) and still doesn't care what his mother is up to. One wonders what else is coming to bring down Gilead. 


The extra in this issue goes into The Guardians of the Beam. I really wish the issue had gotten more in depth with each guardian though. It does give details on Maturin the Turtle Guardian.


"See the TURTLE of enormous girth!

On his shell he holds the earth 

His thought is slow but always kind;

he holds us all within his mind.

On his back all vows are made;

he sees the truth but mayn't aid.

He loves the land and loves the sea,

And even loves a child like me."


I did love the callback to The Talisman and Black House talking about twinners too. By the way still annoyed years later with King not doing a follow-up to Jack Sawyer in The Dark Tower series since King alludes to Jack coming to the Gunslinger's aid that was never followed up on. I hold on to the stupid dream that King does another Dark Tower novel the true final since we don't see Sawyer in the final volumes and with the ending of the Dark Tower we know that things change for Roland.