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A Bit Draggy

Once Upon Stilettos - Shanna Swendson

So this one was a bit draggy for me. Also the timeline was confusing. When I read this one and book #3 there were only a couple of days in between them.


In "Once Upon Stilettos" we have Katie adjusting to working as an immune at MSI, Inc. She is being asked to work alongside Owen in order to figure out what the competition is up to in order to stop them from selling bad spells to others. It's always almost Christmas so Katie is doing what she can to bring some holiday cheer to work.


Katie is dating in this one, a guy she met in book #1. She doesn't feel about him the way she does about Owen, but he is another immune so they have that in common. But honestly, I thought all of the scenes with this guy were boring.


And this whole book takes place over a couple of weeks and you have people dating and breaking up all over.


The main plot though is that Katie starts losing her immunity to magic and doesn't tell anyone. Seriously. That's the whole book. I was over it a couple of chapters in since she could have caused a lot of trouble with her lying to people that she was no longer immune to magic. She doesn't suffer any consequences for it either. I honestly don't get why she didn't tell Owen or her boyfriend, or heck her freaking boss since they still have the bad guy afoot in this one. 

Katie also keeps complaining about magic and how she just wants to be normal. Her bellyaching was really annoying after a while. No one is forcing her to work at MSI Inc. Plus her so-called experience in marketing is a joke. She thought up ideas that anyone could have. I don't see what's so remarkable about her after finishing this book.