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Wow. This Was Bad.

Mr. Maybe - Jane Green

This was one Jane Green book from her chick lit days I never read. I wondered why I never bought this and now I know why. I must have read the sample and said no thank you. That was a smart decision. I am kind of horrified at how bad this book was. The main character was awful, so were two of her love interests. Her friend was having issues (serious ones) that she ignored. Her mother made Mrs. Bennett in Pride and Prejudice look like a saint. I mean my God. That's a terrible bar to be lower than. So why did I keep reading? I kept wondering how bad could it get. It got really bad.


Told in the first person, we have Libby Mason who is looking for love in all the wrong places. Libby is told constantly by her terrible mother that she's not worth a damn until she gets married and married to a man with money. And though Libby has dated (and frankly based on the way she acts, I can see why men left her butt) she is still looking to date a rich man who can keep her in designer clothes and a million dollar mansion. Working in publicity has Libby next to the wealthy, but she's not wealthy. 

When she goes out with friends, she runs into Nick (who she has met before). She and Nick have insta-chemistry/lust in this one and though Libby knows it won't work out, thinks she is capable of just having a fling with Nick (she's not). 


Nick is everything that Libby doesn't want, he's jobless, poor, and doesn't see a problem with dressing like he's homeless. But you know, hot sex, yadda yadda yadda. When Libby starts to catch feelings for Nick, he realizes they should stop while they are ahead. Libby then ends up meeting her rich man and wonders if he is the one for her.


I just can't with this book. Nick is a jerk and so are his friends. Libby is a jerk too though so I don't know who wins that contest. I have never read a book about so many unlikable people in my life. And the only one I felt sorry for was the guy Libby ends up dating after Nick, Ed. Ed wines and dines Libby and she's angry that he's bad in bed, has a gross mustache, etc. but is still happy to get all the flowers and presents the guy showers onto her. Her mother practically offers herself up to him if he will keep dating Libby.


I think in the end I should be happy about follow your heart or something, but wow they all suck.