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Fourth Book in Series Not as Good as Previous Installments

Once Upon a Wine - Beth Kendrick

I really wanted to like this one. But everything from beginning to end felt like paint by numbers. Even the romance between the characters seemed a foregone conclusion and I I found myself bored. I was happier to read about previous characters when they showed up in this book. 


I think my biggest problem is that this whole thing was so far fetched and not believable. A woman (Cammie) is called to help by her cousin (Kat) when her aunt Ginger) buys a winery on a whim in Delaware. Cammie is still reeling from being dumped by her ex and being left bankrupt by him when their restaurant failed. Running back to Delaware where she left her last serious boyfriend is not what she wants to do. They of course have an awkward meet up and then she of course needs the ex's help while trying to keep her aunt's winery afloat. 


I really wanted to like Cammie, but felt meh on her. I outright got really tired of the character of Kat who is going through a mid-life crisis and acts like a jerk towards her husband through the whole book and then magically resolves things. Ginger was just frustrating since she refuses to see what her being a winery without any idea how to run it causes problems to her daughter and niece. 


I guess I needed some real life tension in this book to be included. It just felt like everything related to this installment was going through the motions.