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The Color of Love - Sandra Kitt

Author Sandra Kitt was the first author that I read that ever had an interracial relationship as the main story in a romance book.


I read this when I was about 16 or 17 years old and I remember just being astounded because at that time in my life I didn't even understand that I could date somebody outside of my race because it was always seen as not being acceptable as a black girl for me to date a white boy.


What I really like about this book and why I kept this for all these years is that I liked Kitt initially has these two people who honestly shouldn't be together. The two main leads (one is a black woman and the others a white man and she's a graphic designer and he's a police officer in New York City)  come together because of a set of circumstances and though everybody's telling them not to be together, can't help feeling close to each other.


I wish it had dealt a little bit deeper in the some of the interracial issues when a black woman dates a white man. I mean take a look at what's going on with the bachelorette right now. If any of you guys have seen this new season for the first time ever we have a black bachelorette and she is dating these sorry-ass men. Excuse my language. And it's infuriating because as a black woman, if one is successful, heck even if you are doing okay, it is still hard to find a guy to date.


You will meet somebody, you click, and you like them, but then you have to kind of do the whole well he might not be into black woman dance that we have to do because then it's super awkward when somebody tells you oh no I like you I just don't date black women.


And even then when you do meet somebody that likes you there's all these host of issues you have to be careful about. You have to be careful that they don't like you because they think we're going to do something weird in bed, you have to be careful that they don't like you just because they think that they can use you for something, which often seems to be the case, they don't have to make you their real girlfriend they can just keep you as this person that they see who they never really want to be committed to.


So this book is bringing up all kinds of feelings in me right now as I read it.  


And I'm also going to say though though I do like this book I think the writing could just be a little bit better. I mean this book takes place in the 90s so there's obviously some references that don't hold any more in this day in age And of course I wonder how this book would be perceived taking place in 2017 with all the black lives matter movement and issues with police. But other than that, I like I'm really enjoying it and I'm glad I'm reading it tonight before I go to bed.