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Great Prelude to the End of Gilead

The Dark Tower, Volume 3: Treachery - Peter David, Stephen King, Richard Ianove, Jae Lee, Robin Furth
I really wanted Furth to move the story forward a lot more than he did. Maybe if this volume and the previous one were combined I would have felt more. Instead I kept wishing for something to happen. We did get that scene that was shown to us readers in Wizard and Glass though, so that was good.

We don't get much of our Roland in this one. Just Bert and Alain trying to do what they can to snap Roland over his grief of Susan and also his obsession with the grapefruit stone he now has.

I also am baffled by Roland's father, for being a gunslinger he doesn't seem too bright. I say that as someone who does not get what hold his wife has over him after finding out that she has betrayed him. I guess sending her off to be cleansed of her sins was just the way they did things in Gilead, but I would have been done and told her to enjoy the convent. The whole parallel to King Arthur and Guinevere cannot be denied. But since this book's version of Lancelot (The Man in Black AKA Martin Broadcloak) is neither loyal or trusted by Steven Deschain one wonders why he let the guy hang out for as long as he did. I think the book made my sympathsize with Gabrielle Deschain more, probably because King alluded that the character was put under a spell. The graphic novel shows her as a willing participant.

The colors in this one felt very drab. I am glad I was able to blow up the panels on my Kindle, otherwise I would have had a hard time reading this in hardcover form without a magnifying glass.

Well we all know what is coming next after this one. Cannot wait to read The Dark Tower: Fall of Gilead.