Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

The Steel Kiss (A Lincoln Rhyme Novel) - Jeffery Deaver

I have to say that at this point Jeffery Deaver has become super repetitive. This entire book should have just been called misdirection because that's all that was going on. There are no new insights into Sachs or Rhyme, the overall mystery was pretty much ignored for some angsty crap that I as a reader didn't find believable, and everything is wrapped up a little bit too neatly for it to even have any type of repercussion to the series.


Readers are also provided information on something that should have been a great moment for a long time readers who have fallen in love with Rhyme and Sachs but even that was taken away from us.


I don't know what Deavers deal is when it comes to actually showing romance with his main characters but he's terrible at it. I do hope the next book in the series gets back to some of the other books that I really loved that were more focused on the procedural things that I found exciting.


But I think once again we just have some nonsense with random things happening with jobs and people quitting and not quitting and it's just a very frustrating read.