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When You Start Rooting for the Killer, the Book has Problems

The Good Guy - Dean Koontz



Bah I say.


I decided to read some Koontz to get into a Halloween type of mood. Why do I do this to myself? 


Besides having a ridiculous premise (dude thinks guy at bar is hired hitman) and guy the so called Good Guy decides to do what it takes to stop a woman he does t know from getting killed. The development of the good guy and woman is woefully inadequate. Koontz spends most of the book giving us the hitman's world view and it sucks. One chapter was enough. But nope we keep going back to him. The dialogue between characters was awful and the ending ludicrous. 


Also a freaking dog appears but at least it's not a golden retriever.


The good guy in this book, Tim is dark and mysterious, but sorry I pegged him as former military within ten minutes. I am getting fed up with Koontz writing every character now is military and former military. Guess that's the only way he can explain them using weapons proficiently. 


And I'm sorry, I don't buy why Tim is hell bent on getting involved with this whole thing cause he sees the woman he's paid to kill, face. Linda (the target) is a writer and man oh man she's irking. She's Gillian Flynn's cool girl brought to life. She can't answer questions or act like a regular human being, just talks in puzzles for most of the book before pushing a big reveal onto Tim about her life that I didn't buy for a second.


The other characters are barely in this and we just follow Tim and Linda as they hide from the bad guy.


Tim and Linda also make stupid decisions so that was fun to read (no it wasn't). 


The writing wasn't great. I don't know what else to say besides that. I feel like Koontz has forgotten how people speak to each other (not in cliche form). Also it's creepy for a man to pop up and be all hey I may be falling in love with you as you run for your lives. 


The flow was awful. There's a distinct difference every time you shift from Tim, Tim's friend who is trying to help and the hired killer.


The ending was a joke. I won't even get into it besides it just made the book worse than I thought was possible at that point.