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Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe

Summer at The Comfort Food Cafe - Debbie Johnson

Keeping this fairly short since I liked this book and did not care for the sequel at all. I liked the main character (Laura) taking her children away for the summer in order for the family to do some real healing two years after the death of her husband. Laura had been in love with her husband since they were children, and after a freak accident doesn't know how she and their family will survive without him. She takes a job at a place called the "Comfort Food Cafe". She meets some new people and happily starts to find a place for herself and her children.

So, I know a lot of romance readers do not like romance novels that have a widowed husband/wife. I don't mind this one probably because the dead husband sounded great and felt real to me as I was reading. I didn't get the idea that Laura was trying to replace him at all. And her kids still thought of him as well, but did want their mom to start to move on and be how she used to be before their dad died. 


Laura felt like a very developed character and I got a great sense of her daughter, not that much of her son though. I also like Laura's love interest, though I wish we had gotten some more details about him than we get. 


The food that Laura makes for certain customers had cute backstories to them. I do wish that we would have gotten recipes for certain things though. I don't know why when a romance novel revolves around food or baking they don't include recipes. That's my favorite thing to do is to read a recipe from a book and try it out. 


The writing was okay and I thought this was a very solid romance novel.