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First Kovac and Liska Book

Ashes to Ashes - Tami Hoag

Even though this is called the first Kovac and Liska book it's really not. The book focuses on Kate Conlan who is a former FBI agent and her former lover Special Agent John Quinn. These two do appear in "Ashes to Ashes" but after that, I can't even remember if we see them again. This is a pretty good start to the series that stars Kovac and Liska. not everything is going to involve serial killers though, some of it just involves terrible people doing horrible things to someone else. I did love the dialogue in this one and the ending was really good. 


So I finally finished "Mindhunter" the other day and started going back through my Hoag backlist. She did a really good job with the mystery/thriller aspect of this, while also including profiling in this. 


Kate Conlan is now a crime victim's right advocate. Living in Minneapolis now, she hopes to recover from her broken marriage. When she is called in to deal with a young woman who may be a potential target of a serial killer due to what she saw. The FBI is called in, and there enters John Quinn who is a profiler. Due to their past with each other there's some friction. Quinn is also dealing with the fact the local police are not exactly welcoming at first. Or let's say Kovac is not at first. Liska weirdly keeps hitting/flirting with him or whatever that was. You realize that in the next book, Kovac had a thing for Kate Conlan who he often says resembles Rene Russo. I do wonder what would have happened if Hoag pushed things along more in that line.  


I did like Kate a lot and wish she show up in future books. She's great at her job and has an overbearing and gross boss. John annoyed me a bit here and there with regards to Kate. 


I did like the team aspect when we get down into the local police. Kovac and Liksa complement each other and I can see why Hoag kept writing about them. They may not be in this story as much, but what we do see makes you yearn for more. 


We also get into the "mind" of the serial killer in this book called "The Cremator". 


The writing was really good and the flow works from beginning to end.

The setting of Minneapolis seems bigger than what I always thought it would look like if I ever went there in real life. We get a lot of local politics happening in this one too. 


I did love the ending in this one and have to say that the reveal was very well done.