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Gone Rogue

Wires and Nerve, Volume 2: Gone Rogue - Marissa Meyer, Douglas Holgate, Stephen Gilpin

This pains me to say, but though the writing was a 5, the art was a 2 at most, so all together I gave this volume a 3. I also think that some of the suspense with this volume doesn't work if you read [Stars Above] since you get to see the group with their HEA. So maybe it would have been better to just have the group dealing with things after [redacted ].


"Gone Rogue" is the second and last volume in "Wires and Nerves." This time Meyer does not just focus on Iko. She instead includes everyone in a better way than she did in volume 1. I still needed more Thorne and Jacin though. We do get more of Cress, Scarlett, and Wolf so that was an upside to this volume.


"Gone Rogue" has Iko and the rest of our Lunar Chronicles heroes trying to do what they can to stop a murderous group of bio-engineered wolves from wrecking havoc on Earth. They demand that Cinder reverses the procedures are they are taking out everyone. The leader of the group seems fixated on Cinder. I get why he's angry, but he's definitely taking it out on the wrong person here.


The writing as I said was great. The flow in this one was much better. You get to complete arcs in the chapters you read. And I have to say that the ending made me smile.


But as I said in the first volume, the artwork is lacking. Why does Winter have a terrible afro? Can you tell me why everyone has the same face? I think some pops of color would have dressed up the drabness of the color scheme and artwork. I know not everything can compare to [Stephen King's The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born|] but I kept comparing the two graphic novels and definitely thought that the later work is heads and shoulders above "Gone Rogue."