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'Salem's Lot - Stephen King

Yikes! This book is really good though there are parts of it I wish had been smoothed out a bit more. I never did read this one the whole way through before. I think as a kid it didn't scare the crap out of me and also didn't grab me the way most of King's works did since vampires didn't seem scary to me as a kid.


Now anything dealing with corn (Children of the Corn) scared the life out of me though.


I was an odd kid.

I do think that at times I want King to get just get to the point since the book in parts is overly verbose. Also I think that things just keep happening with no pause in between. 


King does sets things up nicely with this small unassuming town before evil finds it. A vampire comes to play, and he's taking everyone. I wish I had felt more about some of the deaths we witness. We just don't get to pause on them long enough before rolling into the next thing.


I am more concerned with the survivors so far which are Ben, Mark, Father Callahan (ohhh lookie there!), Jimmie, and Matt. 

Is it too much to hope a woman survives this too?


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