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Feed - Mira Grant

Sigh. Too many info dumps. I do like how the zombie thing came to be though. The world building is just a bit rough and it's taking me out of the story.

Shaun kind of sucks.

"I never wanted to be Lois Lane, girl reporter, even though I dressed like her for Halloween one year. I wanted to be Edward R. Murrow, facing down corruption in the government."

I am offended on Lois's behalf. 


The world cheered when Dr. Alexander Kellis announced his cure for the common cold. I’ve never had a cold, thanks to Dr. Kellis, but I understand they were pretty annoying; people didn’t enjoy spending half their time sniffling, sneezing, and getting coughed on by total strangers. Dr. Kellis and his team rushed through testing at a pace that seems criminal in retrospect, but who am I to judge? I wasn’t there.

I swear I read a sci-fi book about this (curing the common cold) and people were left like sterile beings. That's just to say curing the common cold never works out in sci-fi books.