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Lucas Davenport Still Sucks in the Fourth Prey Book

Silent Prey - John Sandford

A friend promised me that the Prey series gets better after the fourth book. Moonlight and I read the first three books two years ago and threw in the towel since Davenport sucked beyond the telling in our reviews. I hate to admit this though, my friend is right. The series gets better after the fourth book. It's like Sandford realized he was writing Davenport like a psychopath and people were not rooting for him. The female characters also are better developed thank goodness. So I just sped through a ton of the books in this series (thanks to the library) and finally at 1 am last night finally went to sleep after a lackluster book #11 that just brought back old Davenport (who I hated).


"Silent Prey" takes Lucas out of Minnesota to New York to help catch a serial killer (Michael Bekker) he captured in the previous books. He goes to New York to help out former lover Lily Rothenburg with not only capturing Bekker but also with helping her out with capturing what appears to be a vigilante that killed a friend of hers.


Lucas still sucks in this one. He has left the police force, and though he mentions his daughter, he is pretty much solo and wishing for a woman. Because without sex, who would Lucas be? Sorry for the sarcasm, but honestly I wanted to brain Lucas in this one. And Lily. She had an affair with Lucas and even though she's seeing someone still feels a magnetic pull to Lucas. It got old as hell. And Lucas having pangs made me roll my eyes too. There is mention of Lucas's money and his gaming company which still makes me laugh. 


There is not much there there in this book. The two plots don't work very well and we go from Lucas hunting Bekker and investigating a possible cop who is behind the vigilante killings to Bekker's third person point of view. I just found myself bored throughout this book and was so happy when it was over. 


The setting moves from Minnesota to New York, but you don't get any sense of New York besides people talking about how hot it is. 

The ending was a joke and a half. I just read it and shook my head.