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Flow Wasn't Great, and the Book Just Started to Feel Endless After a While

Sudden Prey - John Sandford

This wasn't that great. I think the biggest problem is that we stayed too focused on the people who were hunting Lucas and his detectives down. I also really started to loathe the doctors, reporters, and heck even Weather questioning Lucas as if it was his fault that two women who were robbing a bank, and killed someone, were set up to die by Lucas. Lucas isn't God and them acting as if he is some great manipulator didn't come through at all to me in this book. 


"Sudden Prey" has Lucas doing what he can to protect Weather, his daughter, and his ex-lover and her family from a group of men who are out to kill them and any cops that they blame for the death of two female bank robbers. One of the women who was killed, has a husband (LaChaise) who swears an eye for an eye. You know that this people are off their rocker to go out and try to take out cops and their families. Soon enough the police are in a siege mentality trying to keep themselves and their loved ones safe while trying to track down the bad guys.


I have to say that the writing was okay, but more lop-sided in this one. We stayed too long with LaChaise and his stupidity to keep coming back to kill Lucas and associates made zero sense. I also want to know how the cops kept missing the guy after a while. I also got fed up with Weather being an idiot about staying in the safe motel they all were at even after people are murdered and spouses are left in the hospital. It didn't ring true at all. We do finally have Jennifer reappearing in this one and we see Lucas's daughter too. We also get some dialogue that shows that Weather has met Lucas's daughter. Jennifer tries warning Weather about how Lucas is inside and you get some foreshadowing about their relationship.


The ending was a bit much in my opinion. It just didn't ring as realistic at all. And I had zero sympathy for LaChasie.