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Enjoyed Three Girls and a Wedding More than the First Book

Three Girls and a Wedding - Rachel Schurig

I felt meh towards the first book because I realized that Ginny bugged me. This one centers on Jen who is doing what she can to move up the ranks at her PR firm. Jen cares about Ginny and Annie a lot and honestly I was on her side the whole book. I thought that Ginny and Josh sucked and so did Annie towards the end. I don't know if I would have been so cool about forgive and forget. I did think it was weird though that Jen said she loved her love interest and all these two did was kiss I think twice in this book. I literally went huh. That happened way too fast with no real build-up so that's the main reason it gets four stars.


"Three Girls and a Wedding" picks up several months after the last book. Ginny is newly engaged to Josh and now Jen promises to do what she can to help plan Ginny's wedding. It's also the same time that Jen gets a coveted position to help co-plan the wedding of the year between Kiki Barker (socialite) and her fiancee. 


I always felt the most engaged with the character of Jen. Probably because she loves to cook and is the one always calming down her friends when they start fighting. Jen has some baggage though. Her father is a recovering alcoholic, and though her mom has moved on and remarried, she often pushes Jen to be the best she can be at her job. 


I didn't really like Ginny or Annie much in this book. I think that Schruig could have done something interesting here and focus on the fact that Jen has a job that will cause her to not be there all the time to just hang out with her friends. They put down her job and acted like she was obsessed. And I wanted to shake them. When I got my job in DC after grad school my friends who were still searching, or doing something that was okay, but they were not in love with acted like I was lame for not wanting to go out every night and get drunk. I finally realized I was going to have to think about my career and make sure I made time for my friends, but not to the detriment of everything else.


Jen has two love interests in this one, one is straight up a jerk and the other is okay. I just didn't warm up to him and kind of got annoyed that the character of Kiki kept trying to force them together. I already said the whole I love you thing was odd as hell when it came out. They had been on zero dates at this point. 


The writing was good, and the book moves at a fairly even pace. I think that we should have been given some more moments with both love interests and also have Jen have more dialogue with Ginny and Annie. 


The ending was a HEA for Ginny and a HFN for Jen.