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Typical Romance Read

Three Girls and a Leading Man - Rachel Schurig

Eh, this one didn't set my hair on fire. Annie and her dilemma was lame to me. She has the opportunity to become a big time actress, but you know love is the answer. I loathe romance books that do this mess with heroines. It also didn't really line up with what Annie wanted for herself either. And it doesn't say a lot about her friends and love interest if that she needs to give up what she wants to be in a relationship. 


"Three Girls and a Leading Man" has Annie and friends go off to Las Vegas where she meets her love interest, Nate. Annie is feeling a bit lonely since Jen and Matt seem to be more in love than ever and Ginny is married and happy. When Nate proposes still seeing Annie when they both return to Michigan, she says okay. Things change for her though when she gets a highly coveted role at the local theater. When things start to pop for her in her career, she is stuck between deciding to follow her dreams or stay and be with Nate.


I really didn't like Ginny that much in this one. She kept pushing Annie to be with Nate and I really wanted her to mind her own business. I think what irks me about the character of Ginny is that she stayed wrapped up in a relationship and could barely function after Josh broke up with her in book #1. And she seems to get all of her self-worth from being with him. We never hear about her working or what she does. Jen was okay, I liked seeing her with Matt. 

The writing was good, I was interested in the theater parts and was interested in how things were done. I wish that Schurig had added in more of that. The flow was okay, though I did get annoyed at Annie for playing games with Nate. Either be with him or not, it got old real quick for me.

The ending wasn't much of a surprise, I was just letdown at no sign of compromise. Either you give up everything for a guy, or you die alone.