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Realistic Look at Marriage with Bumps in the Road

The Truth about Ever After - Rachel Schurig

Fans of the Three Girls series were introduced to Kiki Barker-Thompson in book #2. We know that she and Jen set up their own business and now in book #4 we begin with Jen's wedding. Kiki realizes that after being married for a couple of years to her husband Eric she is starting to think about having children. When she sees how happy Ginny and Josh are (with their now two kids) she really thinks that she and Eric are ready for even more happiness. However, things don't go as planned. Kiki and Eric start to have cracks in their marriage, and a lot of things that were left unsaid, become said. I really liked this one since it shows us the story of Kiki and Eric. And also we get to see how lonely Kiki was until she met Eric through Matt. 


"The Truth About Ever After" shows us how life is for Kiki Barker-Thompson. We know her as an over eager wealthy socialite that co-runs a business with Jen. Now she is taking on an old nemesis's wedding and doing her best to get pregnant. We never really heard before how hard the world became for Kiki after her father became wealthy. I am always amazed at wealthy people looking down on others who didn't inherit it. I wish that Schurig had included more stories in this one. We go back and forth between present day and past when Kiki meets Eric and goes through a shitty time at college. I wanted more of that up front and if it was going to go back and forth, I would have liked more set up with Kiki in before.


We still get the girls in this one, we get updates on Jen, Ginny, and Annie. Kiki is doing what she can to make sure the company stays afloat while Jen is dealing with a health crisis. I also felt badly for Kiki as she mentions the girls closeness and how she wishes she could be part of their close circle. It's not that they don't like Kiki, they have all just known each other longer. 


For once we get more insight into the male hero in this series. We get to see how Eric is hung up on how much money Kiki and her family have. His stubbornness on them using her inheritance to buy a house, and how he is doing a lot to show he is not getting by on being married to the boss's daughter. We do know that the two love each other, but this shows after HEA, there are always going to be some rainy days. I do wish we get more interesting love scenes. Schruig is a fan of the fade to black approach which just bores me to tears.


The writing is good and the flow needed slapped back a bit though. At times it felt like we were racing through the book. It's nice to just build up some backstory to people. I wanted more scenes with Kiki's parents, and even with Jen. 


The ending was great. I loved that we get to see Kiki and Eric entering a new phase in their marriage.