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The Forgotten Hours - Katrin Schumann

Wow. This book was very raw. We have the main character Katie (third person POV) dealing with the fact her father is about to be released from prison after 6 years. Katie’s father was found guilty of statutory rape, and the victim was Katie’s beat friend at the time, Lulu.


Katie is excited her father is getting out and that they can put the past behind them and get her family back. However, Katie is forced to recognize that some things were kept secret from her and maybe she just accepted things that she shouldn’t have. She also goes over her relationship with Lulu and reveals why Lulu would have lied about being raped.


Eventually Schumann reveals what really happened that time 6 years ago.


The only things I wish had been improved was the back and forth of the time before and present. Telling this in third person removes you from things and often the flow was a bit uneven due to the need sometimes to over explain things. And the other thing is that Katie’s love interest Zev was underdeveloped.