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Tales From Watership Down

Tales from Watership Down - Richard Adams

This was an enjoyable collection of short stories about the rabbits of Watership Down. We get to read about what they were up to before the end of the first book which caused me no end of tears. I honestly have to say that reading about  El-ahrairah in the first story was fine, but after that I found myself getting bored. The book didn't pick up for me until we were following Hazel, Fiver, and the others who were setting into Watership Down.


I do think it was good to see how the rabbits were tested due to a cruel winter, a female rabbit who used to be the Oswla who disagrees with Hazel and others, and a former rabbit who still feels some sway to General Woundwort. 


 I still have to hard pause when reading this book sometimes to figure out what the rabbits mean when referring to certain things. This book came with a dictionary in the back though which was helpful. 


The setting of Watership Down still feels magical to me in this one. We have the rabbits being led by Hazel-rah and how the warren seems to work due to all of them working together at all times. The stories mentioned above though do test the rabbits at times. I really wish that Adams had included a story of Watership Down after the death of Hazel though.


The ending was a little flat to me. I just felt like the stories as a whole didn't flow very well from one to the other. I was expecting something better or a bigger picture to the plot.