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The Dark Tower, Volume 4: Fall of Gilead

The Dark Tower, Volume 4: Fall of Gilead - Peter David, Stephen King, Richard Ianove, Robin Furth

Not too much to say here. We get to see Gilead before it's fall. Constant Readers know about some of the events if you have read the other Dark Tower books. We have Roland reeling from killing his mother and Cort on his deathbed. 


Oh Roland. He is really a tragic figure. I know that King took inspiration from the Tales of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table when writing the Dark Tower. You just see more similarities in the comics than the books when you read about Maerlyn, and Stephen Deschain and his wife, Gabrielle Deschain. I am starting to see Roland a more of a Galahad at times with him and his quest for the Dark Tower. 


We get Roland, Cuthbert, and Alain still doing what they can to stand by Roland and Gilead. We also have the character of Aileen Ritter who would be a gunslinger except for her being born a girl and not a boy. And we follow along with Sheemie too. 


I don't have much to say besides I really enjoyed this installment. We know what what the Gunslingers are going to go and though you wish it could be different, it is not meant to be. We also get some backstory on the Man in Black and I maybe get the skin crawls. Reading this on my Kindle was fine. I was able to zoom in on panels. I just wish that Amazon had set it like it did the one shot comics I was reading where the panels zoom in automatically for you and then zoom out when you get to the last one on the page. 


The illustrations are a bit darker in this one I have to say. It was hard to read people's faces here and there.



The comic flow was a bit haphazard at times before we get to the endpoint. 


Looking to read "Battle of Jericho Hill" next.