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Peter's Adventure Continues

Lies Sleeping - Ben Aaronovitch

So this was okay, I just thought that parts of the book didn't land. Lesley has always seemed jealous and angry to me and I am honestly sick of the whole thing with her and The Faceless Man. Parts of the book dragged though to me. When Peter is captured (I swear this happened in another book) you just want the story to get moving because you are tired of him being shown as being a moron when it comes to Lesley. Maybe I am too murderous because I would have dusted her by now.


"Lies Sleeping" is the 7th book in the Rivers of London series. We have Peter growing stronger by the day and happily in love with Bev (one of the rivers). This seems to be the book that is going to be the ultimate showdown between Peter, Nightingale, and the Faceless Man based on the beginning part of the book which shows us an excerpt that is part of an operation. 

I do love Peter, but boy oh boy he needs to start being developed a bit more and not just rushing headlong into stupid things. Most of this book felt like he was talking at people more than being on the defensive since he gets captured and keeps thinking that he can turn Lesley from the dark side or whatever trip she is on.

Not enough Nightingale for me (per usual) in the longer novels. I enjoyed the bits we got with him in "The Furthest Station". I really wish we could finally get more of his backstory, or have him give Lesley a smackdown. 


Chorley seems very stupid in this one. I seriously laughed at one point when he fell for Peter's throaway comment and got punched. He doesn't seem like a big bad and one wonders why Lesley is dumb enough to follow this guy.


Lesley is and continues to be the worst. 


The writing dragged in places. I love that Aaronovitch includes history, science, etc. when we have Peter recounting his story, but at times it takes you out of things. I also think the flow was not that good from beginning to end. I found myself bored at times while reading this and didn't find things exciting again until Peter confronts Chorley and Lesley. 


The book ends on a different note than I was expecting. I don't know how I feel about it though because it seems as if Peter is at a crossroads personally and professionally.