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Too Many POVs that Added Nothing

What Happened to Us? - Faith Hogan

This looked interesting so I got it on my Kindle this past weekend. I think I may read more Faith Hogan in the future. She can definitely write and plot a story. I just think that adding two of the POVs did nothing for the book and actually caused it to drag. I started skipping over those POVs toward the end of the book since the POVs with Carrie and Kevin were more interesting to me. 


"What Happened to Us?" is about Carrie Nolan and her long term boyfriend Kevin Mulvey. They run a highly successful restaurant together and though the romance has cooled in their relationship, Carrie is happy with how things are for the most part. Then Kevin comes to her one day and tells her he has fallen in love with a waitress at their restaurant (Valentina). When Carrie realizes that her life is not going to be the same, she is determined to move on from Kevin. And Kevin slowly starts to realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

What can I say, I actually felt more for Kevin while reading this. Do not yell at me people! I felt sorry for him because he's a big fool. This character reminded me of the character in Sliding Doors who is torn between Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeanne Tripplehorn. Heck, Kevin even has a best friend (Jim) who pretty much laughs at him for being such an idiot to give up Carrie for Valentina. Kevin slowly wakes up to what his relationship with Valentina was like and how similar his life is heading like his father. 

Carrie at least acknowledges the things that she did wrong while dating Kevin. They both let the romance die in their relationship and she always took care of everything. Her realizing that she could be stronger without him and determined to keep their little house was great.


I have to say though I don't know how realistic it was that Kevin and Carrie kept working together for as long as they do in this book. I would have probably set some stuff on fire.

The other characters in this book, Jane and Luke were pretty blah to me. 


As I already said, I liked the writing and the overall plot. The story just dragged every single time that Hogan moved away from Carrie and Kevin to Jane and Luke. No offense, but Jane and Luke added nothing to the book. We could have gotten Carrie's impressions of Luke and left it at that. Considering that Carried had family and friends surrounding her I was more interested in that then in how Luke felt about his father or Jane felt about being alone. The flow wasn't great anytime it shifted away from Carrie and Kevin either.  


The ending was nice and I did love we got to see resolutions for all of the plot points.