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The One Who's Not the One - Keris Stainton

I honestly don't know what to say. I liked the character Cat and her friendship with Kelly and how much she loved her, Kelly's son, and Kelly's husband. That said, the whole book revolves about her getting feelings for her ex's brother. If that part had been cut out I would have loved it.


Cat is a former stand up comic who quit after her ex-boyfriend Sam (also a comic) moved to Australia 5 years ago and never came back. Cat we find out has some abandonment issues. What I think is funny about it is that Cat tries to deny it, but then Kelly keeps pushing her to realize that she has abandonment issues. Seriously that is most of this book. Kelly sounds like the best friend ever. I would have strangled Cat after a while if she was a real life friend. She's a mess job-wise and socially too. She falls for every guy who is near her and when she realizes Sam is back, she ends up meeting Harvey (Sam's brother) all over again and feels twinges.


I think the biggest thing for me in the end is that I can't think of anyone being okay with the situation. It would have been more realistic to me if everyone said what the hell are you thinking. Also I think Harvey is at least 10 years younger than Sam? I can't recall right now, but I do know he's younger and I wondered at her being ready for a long term relationship and would someone at his age be ready for one too.

That said, the best parts of this book were when Cat was interacting with Kelly and her whole family. I loved that we got to see a bit of Cat's stand up in the end, but think that we should have gotten that in the prologue somewhere. We just get a brief set up of Cat and her being in love with Sam and then she is downstairs in the family home and being lustful towards Harvey. It was so weird.


This book was fairly short (only over 200 pages) so there's not a lot of development of secondary characters outside of Kelly and her family. Harvey felt blank to me and so did Sam. We kept hearing how much Cat loved Sam's family, but we should have gotten a sense of that in the prologue or somewhere with actual scenes showing them interacting. 


In the end I can't complain too much, this was only $2.99 and it distracted me while flying all over the place the past couple of weeks.