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Not That Engrossing, Story Loses Itself Halfway Through

Sanctuary - Nora Roberts

Well "Sanctuary" was not that interesting in the end. I think this is one of Robert's earlier works in romantic suspense. We have three siblings (of course) and most of the book is following the as they act brand new about love and relationships.


"Sanctuary" mostly hones in on one of the three siblings, Jo Ellen, though is a successful photographer who returns to her home after getting sent a bunch of threatening photos. One of the photos is of her mother who her family has assumed ran away from them decades ago. Jo's brother, Brian, and Alexa (Lexie) are there still running her family's I guess it's a bed and breakfast? I am still baffled about that. There father has been absent from taking care of them after their mother left. Their mother's cousin Kate moved in to take care of them all and one gets real quick why she stayed. 


I can't say much here. I didn't feel grabbed by any of the siblings. I loathed Lexie's romantic partner cause anyone manhandling me would be getting kicked hard somewhere. Jo's partner was fine until we get a reveal about him that had me shuddering and saying nope a thousand times. Brian was just acting like a jerk. Cousin Kate was the only one I could tolerate for more than five minutes.


I take it back, I don't really think I liked Jo's love interest cause at one point he thinks about messing around with Lexie. I think I am more appalled now considering since I finished the book I know what his connection to this family was, he's messed up. He kisses both sisters and gets involved with one knowing what he does. Bah. That's all I got. 

I think my main issue with most of Roberts stand alone romantic suspense books is that they don't do a good job of juggling both genres. Reading about romance and then seguing into a man kidnapping and raping a woman in graphic details just turns me off. And the premise behind this one didn't even freaking work. I maybe said seriously a few times.

The writing was so-so and the flow was terrible. Jumping around not only the siblings, but cousin Kate, the three love interests, the father, and then getting the victims POV and then the bad guy's. It was too much. At one point I was wondering if we would also get the POV of any of the animals running around.


The setting of the island off Georgia seemed made up as hell. And everyone talking about the land made me roll my eyes. Okay, you are truly salt of the Earth cause land. They weren't even doing anything with it! How is running a bed and breakfast equivalent to being a farmer? Whatever.

The ending was ludicrous. I maybe laughed at one point and went well that's going to be awkward for future family reunions. I can't talk without spoiling, but this book jumped into straight soap opera material, and not in a good way.